TH Data Capital is unique FinTech company – a data analytics-powered research and is a pioneer in applying data analytics to investment decision making process.

As an output, TH accurately predicts financial performance. However it is TH’s integrated repeatable idea generation process that uniquely enables TH Data Capital to consistently generate these predictions and actionable ideas.

Our process combines TH’s real-time, objective and comprehensive data gathering and processing ability and its use of analytics, with a deep understanding of a business to output predictions about financial performance and underlying insights of a business.


准确的预测财务表现只是天灏的投研的外化结果之一;在这个结果后面是天灏所的持续不断地发现可行的投资标的能力, 并准确预测。

我们的工作流程融合了天灏实时,客观和全方面的数据搜集和处理能力,以及天灏对企业运营的深入理解和分析。这一过程使得天灏能够对公司未来进行多维度的预测和判断, 包括财务表现和基本面表现。